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Triple witching hour Wikipedia

Options traders also find out if their options expire in or out of the money. On such days, traders with large positions in these contracts may be financially incentivized to try to temporarily push the underlying market in a certain direction to affect the value of their contracts. The expiration forces investing vs speculation traders to […]

What Is a Buck? Definition as Money, Meaning, History, and Value

I’m assuming your boss expanded it for use with the non-monetary “buck” that is being discussed here. This question on EL&U demonstrates that responses involving “I’ve never heard that usage before” may mean this could be a regional usage, but not a non-existent one. The cut is supposedly only inflicted by gang members. Some say […]

Understand Your Blood Glucose Test Results

Your meter stores your most recent 750 blood glucose and Control Solution results. Control Solution results are stored in the meter and can be seen when reviewing past results on the meter. Everyone gets excited when new technology is brought to the market. When you live with diabetes, you can’t help but get excited about […]

PPPs for policy making: a visual guide to using data from the ICP

Labor cost data from the International Labour Organization (ILO) provide an estimate of employers’ expenditure toward the employment of their workforce, and reflect wages paid to employees, the cost of employee benefits, and payroll taxes paid by an employer. Labor costs are a crucial factor in the ability of enterprises and countries to compete at national, […]